Texsens Smart Light Bulb

Texsens Smart Light Bulb Speaker Generation II with Updated Remote Control – New Function of Light Flashing as Music Goes
New feature to make the colorful light dance with the music.
This bulb is a multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light and good quality Support music, with Bluetooth 3.0.
One remote controller can control multi bulbs (control the light) at the same time, but one Bluetooth device can only be connected to one bulb (output sound).
Adjustable volume of light and music, comparable to a 50 Watts halogen bulb.
Suitable as a Christmas Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Birthday Gift, Crazy Party Speaker, etc.
Excellent light fixture speaker. Makes a simple way to add a discrete sound system to your office lobby or waiting area.
The sound is a bit canny at louder volumes, but it performs well. I did experience some Bluetooth issues at first, but they seem to resolve if you remove the bulb and then screw it back in. I can only guess that doing this is resetting some of the circuitry inside. Might make it a bit daunting to install this in a vaulted ceiling type setting if you get one with this issue. I am using it in a nightstand lamp and find that it works well in that application. The different shades of light are easy on your eyes, although most of the colors seem to only dimly light the room. The white light setting gives off enough light to actually light the room.
As for the light features, there are many colors that you can choose via the included remote control. You can also set the light to flash or strobe to the music. I like the fade setting as it reminds me of those lights with the slow turning color wheel from back in the 80’s. The remote also lets you control the volume of the audio coming through the speaker. Another great feature is that the included remote has buttons for Forward and Reverse which work flawlessly with iTunes. You are also able to turn the light off completely and just use the speaker for audio.
If I could improve anything on this bulb it would be the lumens. Maybe use Cree led’s in it. I would have paid a few bucks more for a brighter version.
This is a fancy item but it has issues. Blue tooth speaker in the lighbulb is neat but the bulb has no memory turn off the bulb in white and turn it on then the bulb comes back on in a different color. The bluetooth drops at 20ft not even 33ft. The bluetooth connectivity is buggy. The remote is not responsive, looks like it is cheap built.
Super Bluetooth sound & colored light display for my son’s “Man Cave”. Great price, great concept. There are a variety of colors and the lights can pulse to the sound of the music. There is a programmable remote that comes with the music bulb. The sound is clear without static. My son was impressed with the sound and lights.
I love this one . My 3rd bluetooth speaker i bought and the best one . I got magic lighting bulbs with controllers all throughout the house . And remarkably this one i can use all other remotes to tuurn on and off and change colors as the last one just its own remote worked

LIGHTSTORY Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker


LIGHTSTORY Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker, E26 Base 8W 6500K Color Changing Smart Music Bulb, RGB LED Bulb, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

Smartphone APP Control: Taking controls of the BL08A LED Smart Bulb from your Smartphone or Tablet. Using the top designed App, not a mediocre outsourced app, Simply scan QR code on our Manual, or search for “Lightstory” in the App Store or Google Play Store to get the APP for free.

Color Changing Speaker Bulb: The BL08A smart color changing led bulb not only 4 color models,but also more than 12 more different bright shades; what makes it different, the smart bluetooth light bulb can display the latest color you used last time; with this ingenious smart bulb you will never get bored!

Bluetooth Wireless Light Bulb: As a Smart Bluetooth Speaker Light Bulb, after connected, music can sync from your smartphones or tablets with multicolor changing, add colors to your family life.

Cool Smart Bulb: The BL08A LED Smart Light Bulb supports Timing Alarm and Sleep Assistant, then you can set a lighting on definite time and set powering off in a specified time period, smart lights as you excepted.

E26 Base Smart Bulb: The BL08A 8W Dimmable Smart LED Bulb base on E26/E27 adapter, supporting 6500K multicoloured changing. Fit for home, bar, coffee, restaurant, etc.

Very happy with this light. its great for the price and sound is great. No really recommend as a stand along light source for larger rooms, but great for smaller spaces. The white light is more of a tinted blue. We used it as a porch light on halloween to place spooky sounds and used the candlelight feature to make the light flicker red.

I’ve only had it a few minutes so far so I don’t know about the long term quality, but this thing is awesome! Fall in love with it right the way. The app allows you to change the brightness and color of the bulb (even going so far as to let you use your camera to choose a specific shade from objects around you). The speaker is also pretty loud and the volume is controlled by your phone. Great for the whole family.

We need one for every room in the house. The light is fun, but the Bluetooth speaker is awesome!! Way louder than I expected. I walk into the bathroom and my phone connects to play music while I get ready in the morning. Kids go to bed with the music playing through their lights. Love that it has a nightlight type plug, so it doesn’t need to go into the fixtures. I would highly recommend. LOVE IT.

It’s not loud but what did you expect it’s a light bulb really happy makes kick backs enjoyable plus guess start tripping out when they find out the music come out the light bulb lol light up well and feels like you at the club haha even changes color with the music rhythms

Texsens LED Light Bulb


This bulb is a Bluetooth enabled, multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light which can be controlled through your smart phone or tablet/Bluetooth

Adjustable volume of light and music and comparable to a 50 watts halogen bulb

Energy saving and good quality support music, with Bluetooth 3.0

One remote controller can control multi bulbs (the light), but one bulb can only be connected to one Bluetooth device (output sound)

Suitable for the bedroom, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, roof, door and other places

Love this! I looked at hundreds of these and scoured reviews to find the best one to buy and ordered 2 one for my son’s room and one for my toddler son’s room under his home built loft bed. These fill the room with sound I was so suprised at the sound quality for a lightbulb! It is not surround sound it will not blow your eardrums it is not meant to be that but it is an extremely good sound that does fill the room.

All buttons on the remote work, the batteries were good when it arrived packaging was up to par and the led light is plenty bright enough. It has a nice feature that went you turn it on its default is white light so it works like a normal bulb and if you need light you have it as soon as it turns on and you don’t have to have colors all the time the white is also a tad brighter than your normal bulb so no need to keep switching bulbs. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and the price is great it made getting 2 not too expensive and was definitely a deciding factor.

I didn’t even know a Bluetooth light bulb speaker existed till an add popped up on Facebook. When I searched on Amazon I found a lot of options. I was skeptical about the quality of these products so I went with an inexpensive option. After reading reviews I chose this one and so far I’m very pleased with it. It fits well in the socket over my shower and the sound is surprisingly good. For the money i think it is a great deal and a fun thing to have.

Ordered 2 and one works and sounds alot better then I expected while the other one the white light doesn’t work and the colors are so dim and the sound cuts out like it has a short So buy 2 get 1 working one and now the other one completely quit it is up where no one would touch or bump. It smells like burnt wires I’m glad nothing caught in fire I would order an updated version to try while being watched for anything melting since I’m spooked by the last one

I LOVE this item!! It has great sound! The girls love the colors of the light. I like to listen to music while I’m cooking and before you couldn’t hear the music good from my phone but with this…..that is NOT a problem.

‘SNL’ parody ad hawks Cartier diamond-studded fidget spinner

Fidget spinners just can’t stay out of the news — the popular distraction toy has been banned from many schools and attacked phones in viral videos, and it might be influencing device design.

Now the spinners have really made the big time — earning a parody commercial on Saturday’s season-ending episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

The ad starts off like a real commercial for pricey jewelry, but soon reveals that instead of a ring or necklace, it’s selling a diamond-encrusted 14-carat gold fidget spinner from fancy jeweler Cartier. And the redheaded beauty (Vanessa Bayer, in her final “SNL” episode) who receives the gift really needs it, because when she’s not being distracted by the spendy spinner, she’s incredibly obnoxious.

“Give her something to focus on,” the ad urges. “Because let’s face it, she’s been reading (Donna Tartt’s 784-page bestseller) ‘The Goldfinch’ for two years. She litters. She has to take cabs, because her Uber rating is so low.”

And more than one Twitter user is wishing it was a real product. (Maybe.)

It’s the second week “SNL” has hit it big with a parody ad for a trendy product. Last week’s joke commercial hawked Amazon Echo Silver, a version of the popular smart speaker aimed at senior citizens that answers to any random name, patiently repeats answers endlessly, and keeps repeating “uh-huh” when its owner goes off on a rambling, pointless story.

Facebook rules reportedly allow livestreaming of self-harm

Facebook users are allowed to livestream acts of self-harm because the social networking giant “doesn’t want to censor or punish people in distress who are attempting suicide,” according to allegedly leaked internal documents revealed Sunday by The Guardian.

The images may be removed from the site “once there’s no longer an opportunity to help the person,” unless the incident has news value, according to the documents. The policy was found among a cache of more than 100 internal documents and manuals The Guardian says gives insight into how the social network moderates content on its site, including violence, hate speech, terrorism, pornography, racism and even cannibalism.

Facebook Live, which lets anyone with a phone and internet connection livestream video directly to Facebook’s 1.8 billion users, has become a centerpiece feature for the social network. In the past few months, everyone from Hamilton cast members to the Donald Trump campaign has turned to Facebook to broadcast in real time.

But in the year since its launch, the feature has been used to broadcast at least 50 acts of violence, according to the Wall Street Journal, including murder, suicides and a beating of a special-needs teenager in Chicago earlier this year.

The feature presents a dilemma for the social networking giant: how to decide when to censor video depicting violent acts. But Facebook’s response to graphic content has been inconsistent.


LeEco CEO steps down in troubled times for China’s tech giant

The chief executive of Chinese tech giant LeEco has stepped down a month after the company scrapped a $2 billion bid to buy US TV manufacturer Vizio.

Jia Yueting’s resignation was announced Sunday in a stock exchange filing, Reuters reported. Jia will retain his position as chairman, according to the filing, which also indicated the company’s chief financial officer would be replaced as well.

LeEco has tried to make a big splash with its debut in the US. It announced its deal to buy Vizio in July, and in October, the company debuted a smart TV, phone and self-driving car, as well as services to run on and connect its devices.

But by November, reports surfaced the company was tightening its belt. Later that month, Chinese regulators announced there would be heightened scrutiny of Chinese capital leaving the country for foreign investments.

In April, LeEco employees told Bloomberg the company was five days late paying its US employees and that the Vizio deal was stalled. A week later, LeEco and Vizio said their tie-up wouldn’t happen, blaming “regulatory headwinds” for the deal’s demise.

Take-out Food

Nowadays, as the more choices for students in the school, some students can’t bear the school’s canteen, they call the take-out food. The producers sense the business opportunity, they advertise their food, attracting more students to order their food, and then they promise to provide the perfect service, which means they can bring the food to the students’ room.

The problem is that school bans the take-away food, on the one hand, the school needs students to consume in the canteen, on the other hand, they want to make sure the students’ healthy. Most students choose to order the take-out away food in secret, though it may danger their health.

In my opinion, the school should change their menu for some time, they need to cook the food that is suit to the students’ taste, they could learn what kind of food the students like, and then adjust the menu. The take-away food will be reduced naturally.

Xi urges broader cooperation with Uzbekistan in building Belt and Road

BEIJING, May 12 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday called for expanding cooperation with Uzbekistan to achieve new progress in carrying out the Belt and Road Initiative.

Xi made the remarks when meeting with his Uzbek counterpart Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who is in Beijing to attend the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Xi said that over the 25 years since the two countries established diplomatic relations, bilateral ties have achieved “leapfrog development” and the two countries have forged a comprehensive strategic partnership with sincerity, mutual trust, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.

The two countries have cooperated closely under the Belt and Road framework and implemented a series of major projects, delivering tangible benefits to the people of both countries, Xi said.

He called for continued mutual support on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concerns, consolidating and deepening political and strategic mutual trust for common development and prosperity.

Xi said China is willing to maintain close communication and coordination with Uzbekistan on issues including international affairs, situation in Central Asia and development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

He urged the two countries to dovetail their development strategies, outline priorities for cooperation, explore potential to enhance economic and trade cooperation, boost bilateral trade, optimize trade structure, and ensure the long-term and stable growth of bilateral trade.

China would also like to expand cooperation with Uzbekistan on industrial capacity, investment as well as the building of industrial zones and infrastructure based on equality, voluntariness, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation, he said.

Calling China a great neighbor of Uzbekistan, Mirziyoyev said Uzbekistan appreciates China’s support for the country in taking a development path in line with its national conditions.

He said China’s role in promoting world peace, stability and development is crucial.

He noted Uzbekistan will continue adhering to the one-China policy and support China’s efforts in combating the “three evil forces” of terrorism, separatism and extremism.

Mirziyoyev also called for deepening cooperation with China in areas including economy and trade, investment, industrial capacity,infrastructure and water conservation.

After the meeting, the two leaders signed a joint declaration to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership.

The two countries will continue to support each other on issues of core interests including national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, according to the declaration.

Neither side will allow a third country, any organization or group to commit activities on its soil that will damage the other side’s national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

In the joint declaration, the two sides agreed on the necessity of constructing an efficient and convenient railway passage between China and Uzbekistan, and they will step up coordination on the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway project.

Dalat cabbie banned for overcharging tourists

A taxi driver in the Vietnamese hill resort town of Dalat has been banned from driving for overcharging tourists. Lam Dong Province Transport Bureau disqualified the cheating cabbie from driving for two months for charging two Israelis more than ten times the going rate for a three kilometre trip.

Gadot Sharon and Sheeff Ayelet took the Vina Gold taxi from Dalat’s Phuong Hanh Hotel to their guesthouse on 10 May. The driver told the two women the fare was VND510,000 and they paid up. 

Guesthouse proprietor Huynh Ngoc Diem Trang asked the two how much they had paid for the trip and was horrified when they told her. She said the fare should have been VND40,000 at most and phoned Vina Gold to demand a refund.

The cab company arranged the refund but said their driver had done nothing wrong. Transport Bureau officials reviewed CCTV footage and disagreed. As well as banning the rogue cabbie, they hit Vina Gold with a VND7 million fine. 

Due to its cooler than average climate for Vietnam and diverse activities, Dalat is a popular destination for tourists. The easiest way of reaching the town is to take a flight to nearby Lien Khuong Airport. 12GO ASIA offers flight reservations services for flights from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Lien Khuong.

Japan aid agency sets new date for Phnom Penh skytrain study

A spokesperson for the Japan International Cooperation Agency says a delayed viability study for a Phnom Penh skytrain will now begin in August. JICA Cambodia program-officer Chin Kimheang told reporters recent talks between senior ministers meant the feasibility study was now back on the agenda.

The study was originally supposed to begin last month. The program-officer stated that there was no definite completion date for the study, but it would assess the best route for elevated train-tracks and how much it would cost to build. 

Kimheang said once the assessment had been completed it would then be formally handed over to the government of Cambodia. He finished off by saying any project would be designed to ease traffic problems in the city.

Kimheang did not offer details of the proposed route for the skytrain. When the proposal was first tabled, media sources claimed it would likely link Samdech Monireth Boulevard and Choam Chao District. The district abuts Phnom Penh International Airport.  

The airport is Cambodia’s main gateway and has flight connections with Southeast Asian cities including Bangkok, Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur. 12GO ASIA provides reliability at cheap prices when booking flight tickets to Phnom Penh.